Environmental Impact Assessment


Thursday 31st Oct - 2019


09:00 - 17:00





An environmental impact assessment shows an organisation commitment to contributing to a positive impact of any project on local environment and community.

This course will give a theoretical and applied background to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) — a requirement for a wide range of investment projects in both the public and private sectors.

The course will introduce participants to procedures that should be followed in order to comply with requirements for a sound Environmental Impact Assessment process. The course will introduces techniques and tools to support Environmental Impact Assessment , methods of improving the effectiveness of assessment to investigate the environmental and social implications of projects and investment initiatives.

Who will Benefit?

The course is suitable for those who are new to the transport planning and working on project to carry environmental and social impact assessment or for experienced professionals to refresh their knowledge.


Upon completion of the course, delegates will:
• Understand purpose and aims of Environmental Impact Assessment
• Understand the planning and management tasks associated with the principal stages of environmental assessment
• Understand the different applications of Environmental and Impact Assessment under various consent regimes (Planning Acts, Transport and Works Act, DCO, Parliamentary Bills etc.)
• Understand how engagement with stakeholders and application of the outcomes of Environmental and Impact Assessment through construction contracts can effectively secure sustainability goals and objectives.
• Have an understanding of the key benefits of Environmental Impact Assessment related to the costs of undertaking these, and the legal and practical constraints that may limit the effectiveness of the process.


Transport planners, project managers, environmental and social protection and planning officials, Environmental Impact Assessors reviewers and team leaders both in public and private sector responsible for assessing the environmental and social impacts of projects.

Course Content

Session 1 Key concepts

  • Introduction, purpose and aims of Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment administration and practice

  • Consent regimes and associated assessment processes

Session 2 Application

  • Key elements of the Environmental Impact Assessment process

  • Undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment

Session 3 Making ESIA effective

  • Role of public participation

  • Stages that follow Environmental Impact Assessment


Session 4 Practical considerations

  • The costs and benefits of undertaking Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Understanding of the strengths and limitations of Environmental Impact Assessment

COURSE materials

The participants will be offered a copy of day programme, course materials folder and a certificate of attendance

Refreshment Breaks

The participants will be served with lunch, tea and coffee during refreshment breaks


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