Interpretation of Transport Appraisal Guidance 

A business case supported by robust and coherent transport appraisal can elevate your project above the competition and save you considerable money by being adequately prepared for its delivery. The Department for Transport’s ‘Transport Appraisal Guidance’ (TAG or WebTAG) describes the analysis which supports the business case and, hence, the investment decision. Considerable interpretation of appraisal guidance is needed in terms of their application to schemes of different scales and natures.

The requirements for a major public transport scheme are very different from a local highway improvement, yet both may need a ‘WebTAG compliant’ appraisal. As a result, i-Select Consultancy has created a one-day course to help organisations develop a better understanding of Transport Appraisal techniques which support and shape successful Transport Business Cases. The course I have developed is based on my over twenty years’ experience with Steer Davies Gleave, preparing Transport Business Cases; securing public sector funding; and engaging with assurance reviewers and stakeholders. 

The course which is called Transport Appraisal in Investment Decisions and Ex-Post Evaluation”, (taking place on 28th Sept in London) has been designed to enhance attendees understanding of: the appraisal/WebTAG building blocks and processes of proportionate Value for Money assessment; the principles and importance of Ex-Post Evaluation; and to enable attendees to understand how transport appraisal techniques can be appropriately applied to their projects. 

Steve Hunter MEng CEng FCIHT MAPM TPP
Steer Davies Gleave