Finding The Theme to Win The Bids

Every year, contracts worth many billions of pounds are put out to tender by private businesses and the public sector. In addition, funding applications are invited for specific projects by the public sector, lottery organisations and private trust funds. Competition for these contracts and funds is tough, especially in the current economic climate.

Organisations often view bids as an administrative task, and therefore concentrate on creating bids that are compliant: delivered on time, meeting the specification and answering all the questions asked. But then they find that they don’t win and begin to get despondent.

The root cause of their poor win rate can often be traced back to the fact that such organisations are unaware of what it is that makes them special, or different, or better than their competition. But if just one bidder has put forward a bid with a strong win theme, something (other than price) that presents a strong case for why they should be the winner, then the buyer will more than likely latch on to this, and might well make the award accordingly.

Finding that elusive win theme can be tricky. That’s why i-Select Consultancy has created a one-day course to help organisations to help with this vital business development skill. Delivered by Emma Jaques, author of two books on the subject and with over 15 years’ experience in bidding, this workshop will prove invaluable to those looking for expert guidance.

This course is a practical, interactive and valuable guide to winning bids and tenders. Delegates will learn how to find opportunities, to effectively manage the process – and most importantly to significantly increase the chances of creating successful bids. Please find-out more details here.

Emma Jacques, Managing Director Onto the Page Ltd  & i-Select Consultancy's Course Winning Bids and Funding Applications Trainer