Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA of transport infrastructure is required as part of most consenting processes. This is a complex and often expensive exercise, needing not only specialist expertise in environmental science disciplines such as noise, air quality and ecology, but also excellent co-ordination and communication skills. Compliance with legal requirements is a key consideration, but done properly, EIA also

provides ways of improving the acceptability of a project and speeding up delivery.

There is a wealth of guidance on what should be included in EIA and how it should be done. There is also considerable legal caselaw that determines the form and content of assessments. Finding a path

through all this is often far from straightforward. It also is important the needs of the target audiences for EIA – both decision-makers and the public at larger – are taken fully into account. Therefore, i-Select Consultancy has created a one-day course to help those who might need to undertake and EIA or who could be on the receiving end of one develop better understanding of the

principles and practice of EIA that support and shape successful consent applications. The course I have developed is based on my experience over the last 40 years examining the environmental effects of transport and ways of avoiding or reducing these, securing consents, and engaging with decision-makers and stakeholders.

The course which is called “Environmental Impact Assessment” has been designed to improve attendees understanding of the theoretical and applied background to EIA. It will introduce participants to procedures that should be followed in order to comply with

requirements for a sound environmental assessment process, and introduce techniques and tools to support EIA, methods of improving the effectiveness of EIA to investigate the environmental

implications of projects and investment initiatives. Overall, it aims to enable attendees to understand how transport appraisal techniques can be appropriately applied to their projects.

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