How to manage effectively with less spend?

Well, yesterday's Spending Review brought a mix of news such as 50% increase in the capital funding for infrastructure projects and rise in the NHS budget from £101 billion today to £120bn by 2020-21. But the Department for Transport's operational budget will fall by 37%, Transport for London will lose billions due to a cut in subsidies and the NHS is expected to make £22bn in efficiency savings while Department of Health resource budget to fall by 25%. The Spending Review reinforced the government's ambition for organisations and departments to spend less but manage and deliver effectively.

Each organisation is indeed now faced with tough decisions about how to best use resources to achieve the government’s ambition. The ‘new set of devolution deals’ also represents an opportunity to improve public services as well as to stimulate economic growth.

The starting point of the devolution powers was with the decision to devolve the £6bn NHS budget of Greater Manchester to a combined authority of the constituent local councils. The future organisational structure and performance of Network Rail is also under review and a consultation was launched on 12th November 2015 following a scoping report publication.
In principle it is a smart idea to manage with less and to regionalise the NHS, devolve powers to local councils, establish combined authorities and reform Network Rail. But the problem is that most organisations have no awareness of how to deal with change management and implement successful transformational programmes. 

Because of this i-Select Consultancy designed a workshop on change management and leadership. We are delighted to bring industry top influencers such as Tony Buzan as trainers of this workshop who will held the interactive discussions, case studies and teamwork, to expose participants to the frameworks and tools they will need to succeed in a competitive environment and to achieve thegovernment's ambition to “spend less but manage and deliver effectively”. Please see the workshop details here. We are looking forward to “Think Buzan” with you all on 15th March 2016 in London.

Zeenara Najam

Director i-Select Consultancy